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Sunday Chatter – 8/30

August 30th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Ben Stiller and Ryan Seacrest Chat About Twitter.

Check out this awkward, yet funny exchange between actor Ben Stiller and Mr. I-have-20-jobs Ryan Seacrest. Stiller asks him for more followers, but will Seacrest give him a shout-out?

The Pains of Switching Smart Phones

Most of you can probably relate to this one. It’s always a nuisance when it comes time to upgrade your phone and you’re left with the hassle of moving your information to your new device. If you don’t have a SIM card, it can be a real challenge. With smart phones storing more information than ever, such as apps, e-mail, games, contacts, photos, movies, it’s like switching computers. But it’s not all bad news — the Wall Street Journal has a great article on the joys, along with the pains, of moving into your new device.

Website Helps Please the Stalker In All of Us

Facebook isn’t nearly as creepy as, which allows you to search for anyone and then brings up dozens of websites where that person is mentioned. The site pulls up data from not just Google, but Facebook, MSN, Yahoo!, Bing, MySpace etc. It’s most likely the #1 tool that employers are using now to check up on their staff, or potential employees. The data is also presented in a neat format that features a hover feature to see what website the information is from and a cool Flash menu system.

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