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More Affiliates Starting Their Own Networks

August 24th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Remember the famous Internet marketing saying, “The money is in the list,” which referred to creating an e-mail opt-in list for every website you launched? That saying is now gradually being phased out with, “The money is in the network,” as in your own affiliate network.

Many Internet marketers are trading in their titles as affiliates and publishers to become affiliate managers and network owners. The trend is growing, as more people realize that there’s much more money to be made behind the scenes of a network, as opposed to working for one. With services such as DirectTrack being more accessible these days, affiliates are making the leap with less hesitation than before.

The most notable example for me was when Ruck, the former owner of, decided to go full guns blazing and open up Convert2Media, one of the Internet’s fastest growing affiliate networks. Ruck and I sort of learned the business at around the same time and met on The Rich Jerk message forums. Since its recent launch, Convert2Media has turned into a multimillion dollar business and Ruck has gone on to become massively successful, even after taking a bit of time off to go back to school.

The fact is, the latest thing affiliates seem to be doing is taking on a whole different role in this business. Some have even teamed up with each other to launch networks. While it’s unclear how solid they will be down the road, it’s definitely something to watch.

While experts say the majority of businesses fail, the Internet marketing niche is no different. While some will crash and burn, others will soar, just like Ruck did. Either way, it’s very inspiring to see so many affiliates who were complete newbies a short while ago, roll ahead forward. As with any business, taking risks is part of the journey to success.

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