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Sunday Chatter – 8/23

August 23rd, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

Best iPhone Apps of 2009 (So Far)

Are you as obsessed with iPhone apps as I am? It seems most users are and download new ones on a daily basis. For me, I don’t spend more than $2.99 on an app, but I much prefer the free ones. TechCrunch has put together a list of the top 35 apps of the year (so far). My favourite on the list has to be TweetDeck, which is a Twitter client that helps you manage your followers into categories and groups to keep track of them. The downside to this list is that some of these aren’t available in the Canadian iTunes store. I’ve never understood why developers choose to only release them to a U.S. audience, but maybe that’s because I’m not a developer. There must be a reason.

Facebook Gets Some New Digs

Facebook has moved into some new office space, because we all know how horrible their previous one was (not really). The social media giant recently took over 150,000-square-foot in a building located in Palo Alto, California. As with most tech offices, it doesn’t look like your normal setup, as it’s a completely relaxed environment similar to Google’s. I must say, working from home has its benefits, but I wouldn’t mind going to work everyday if I were going to a place like this. It’s more of a campus than an office.

Teaching Old People About Twitter

Comedic actor Ben Stiller recently sat down with the legendary Mickey Rooney to show him Twitter. Rooney’s response is pretty much what you would assume before watching the following video.

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  1. Stefan MyAvatars 0.2

    Well, I actually agree a bit with Mickey Rooney. Why should we be constantly interested in something other people are doing right now? Personally I think using blogs is enough because the content is more thought through and usually learn me something instead of just telling me what’s currently happening.