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How to Guilt Customers into Clicking Your Facebook Ad

July 20th, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

FacebookFacebook recently added an additional option to their advertising interface that allows you to target only people who are having a birthday on a certain day. This is gold right here and easy money in the bank.

Here’s why — I recently experimented with a few ads and tried different copy out that targeted only users who were celebrating a birthday. What I discovered is that depending on the niche, you can guilt the user into clicking your ad and possibility buying whatever it is you’re selling.

Facebook Advertising - Birthday

What I did was set up a campaign where I was promoting an anti-wrinkle skin cream product that coverts to a $44 CPA when the user pays $2.28 for shipping. My ad targeted only females between the ages of 30 and 45 and went something like this: “You just turned one year older today. Eliminate those wrinkles to look young again.”

Seem a bit harsh? Perhaps, but it worked. I spent $15 on clicks and had already made two conversions within the first hour the ad was running.

This little trick can work with other niches too. Here’s another one I did for a satellite dish offer targeting males between 24 and 30: “Didn’t get a satellite dish for your birthday? You deserve better. Free trial of DISH Network.”

One thing I should note is that the audience you target that are celebrating birthdays will not be that large, and therefore you may need to bid higher than you normally would to get traffic. But the traffic you will get is — for the most part — very easy to convert.

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