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Google Banning AdWords Accounts Left and Right

July 15th, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

GoogleThere’s been a lot of buzz generating lately on Google’s heavy hand concerning AdWords advertisers. Recently some accounts have been banned out of nowhere without any explanation whatsoever.

Many advertisers have discovered that testing how far they can push Google’s ad guidelines may be behind the move. Tactics such as setting up fake blogs to promote an affiliate product, or promoting products with the Google name in them, do not seem to impress the company.

Of course, most affiliate networks encourage you to promote Google Money Tree and other products that bear the search engine’s name. Right now that’s a big no-no, but previously Google never had a problem with it.

Re-uploading ‘slapped’ campaigns is also something to avoid, as Jonathan Volk and Google Lady point out. Slapped campaigns are when no matter how high you bid, your campaign doesn’t get any impressions or clicks. Some advertisers choose to buy a new domain name and try again using the same criteria as before, but that will just get you on Google’s bad side.

While it’s not clear if any newly banned advertisers have managed to get back in, it’s best to play by the rules. Some Internet marketers who were making thousands of dollars per day are now making nothing. Unfortunately, that’s what you get for placing all of your eggs in one basket — which is the first thing you learn to avoid in the field of Internet marketing. As changes to the industry come and obstacles pop up, in the long run, it always benefits a greater cause for everyone else.

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1 Comment so far
  1. Dustin MyAvatars 0.2

    I agree, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Google AdWords isn’t the only paid search network out there. You’ve also got Yahoo and MSN. Not to mention, there’s other methods of internet marketing as well should you want to scale your profitability a bit.

    To be honest, Google is a bit harsh.

    First, if your “Google Slapped”, how the hell are you to tell if Google actually slapped you or if your impressions have just slowed down dramatically. Other then raising your bid and seeing if your impressions increase that is.

    Also, I said this on another blog. Google seems like they don’t place any warnings for anyone. They simply ban you without giving you a warning should you violate a term they implemented. For example: Many people started getting banned left and right when Google decided to cut down on Biz Opp’s and programs with “Google” in their name.

    Was there any warning?

    Bottom line, don’t stuff your eggs all in one basket because when it comes to one breaking, they’ll all break and your left with nothing.