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Sunday Chatter – 7/12

July 12th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

How Can YouTube Survive?

With YouTube losing hundreds of millions of dollars per year, some have been speculating how the video giant can survive. You’d think it would be fairly stable since being bought by Google a few years ago, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. It’s hard to imagine YouTube losing money, especially with the increasing amount of ads popping up over videos these days. I guess they’re seeing a bigger competition from sites like Viddler and Vimeo, which can handle HD videos much more smoothly. Read more about YouTube’s numbered days on The Independent.

Google Launching Operating System

In Google’s bid to take over the world — one computer and human at a time — the company announced this week the creation of its own operating system. Google Chrome OS will run from the appropriately titled Chrome Internet browser and compete directly with Windows. But can Google really beat out Windows? I wouldn’t doubt it. After Microsoft’s embarrassing attempt with Vista a few years ago, I think consumers have really lost confidence in the company. looks at the issue in more detail and suggests that the Google OS may even be free!

Add Customize Subject Lines to Feedburner E-mail Subscriptions

I’ve been waiting for this along time — the ability to choose what your Feedburner e-mail subscribers see in the subject line. Up until recently, the subject would simply be the title of your blog. ProBlogger highlights this new change and points out that you can use wild cards in the subject line as well, such as including the post title. Of course, with the ability to customize the subject line, the possibilities and endless, especially for creative Internet marketers.

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