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AdSense Allows Font Size Increase in Ads

June 19th, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

Google AdSenseDiscussing Google AdSense isn’t something I post about often, as for the most part, there hasn’t been much to be discussed. But Google announced yesterday the ability for AdSense publishers to change the font size of their ads. They’ve realized in some testing and with feedback from beta users, that an increased font size leads to better performance. Seems like common sense to me, right?

Google also opened up the option for publishers to change the font family of their ad text too, which includes the options of using Arial, Times, Verdana, or the default AdSense font.

I don’t use Google AdSense on this blog, as I feel in this niche there is more money to be made by promoting affiliate products, instead of passing visitors along to another site and only making a few pennies. However, I’m a huge AdSense user on one of my other blogs, which makes a substantial amount of money on a daily basis.

From Google’s AdSense blog:

The font size you choose will be applied to the body of the ad, with the title scaled appropriately. In order to fit the ad text correctly, the actual font size will vary for each format size, font face, and user-specific settings such as browsers and operating systems. In addition, some formats sizes currently have very limited room, so the font size application will be most apparent in cases where the number of ads appearing in your ad units varies automatically in order to maximize your performance.

Your ads are currently set at the default size for AdSense, which is the equivalent of ‘small’. You can select a new font size on an account-wide basis in the Ad Display Preference section of your My Account tab, or on an individual ad unit basis for new and existing ad units.

I increased the size of my text ads and will now wait and see if it improves my CTR. It couldn’t hurt.

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