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Summer Facebook Marketing is Heating Up

May 29th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

FacebookIf you’re a Facebook user, I’m sure you’ve noticed the influx of summer-related ad copy and graphics lately in the sidebar. Advertisers are pulling out all the stops in making sure they get their product out in front of your eyes just in time for the nicer weather.

I’ve seen some good ones, such as an ad for sunscreen with a before and after photo of a white, pasty guy followed by a bronze glow. I give that advertiser props for creativity, that’s for sure. Although I think the after shot made the guy look like he had abs of steel, but hey, whatever works.

In conjunction with my post earlier this week on which summer offers you should be promoting, you can use that knowledge to create your summer Facebook campaign.

As I’ve said before, I prefer Facebook over any other PPC platforms to create quick and to the point campaigns that deliver fast results. Facebook has also changed the way it handles ad approvals now, so not everything gets rejected like before. This comes from the criticism they were receving from advertisers who were complaining about the strict guidelines.

Facebook has also improved their approval time for ads to speed up the process. I know I’ve written before about how slow and painful it was — sometimes 16 hours, but they have certainly worked hard to fix that. Early morning to early afternoon (Monday to Friday) is still the best time to submit an ad for quick approval. Going into the evening hours will increase your wait time due to less staff being available to review them; which is understandable.

Before you choose your offer, set up a landing page and think about your demographic, read the Facebook ad guidelines first. It will save you time up front.

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