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Top 5 Best Money Makers for September

September 27th, 2007 posted by · 4 Comments

September is almost over and I thought I’d share with you the methods that have made me the most money this month.  Of course these methods will change depending on current trends, but so far they’ve been good to me.  I’m not one to brag so I won’t go into detail on specific dollar amounts, but here they are:

  1. Black Hat Slidr Method
    I won’t go into specifics on how this method works, as it is Black Hat, but nevertheless it involves torrent sites.  You can probably find out more about this by searching the Black Hat forum.  This method is simple enough to make anyone a triple digit amount of money daily if performed correctly.
  2. ClickBank
    My affiliate sales have really gone up this month.  The summer was pretty slow for me as I wasn’t spending as much time as I normally would promoting items.  My ClickBank commissions are up 40% this month as compared to the same time last year.  (*Secret*: My best converting ClickBank product)
  3. Facebook
    Remember when MySpace marketing was big?  Facebook marketing is the new cash cow and it’s still fairly new and non-saturated.  Check out this post on ShoeMoney earlier this week which goes into detail on how to make money with Facebook.
  4. DealDotCom
    Even though I only managed to pull in 16 affiliates in the days leading up to DealDotCom‘s launch, I was able to generate enough from these sales to make my monthly car payment.
  5. SEO Book
    I’ve sold many copies of the #1 ranked SEO Book to newbie webmasters and fresh bloggers.  I wasn’t sure how well it would convert, but since I started promoting it last week I’ve managed to pull in 23 sales.  SEO Book pays new affiliates an initial $20 bonus just for signing up.

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4 Comments so far
  1. Ryan MyAvatars 0.2

    The Slidr method is evil… but I make a killing from it!! :twisted:

  2. Lori MyAvatars 0.2

    I think I’m just terrible with Clickbank. I guess I’m using them wrong because I don’t make much with them at all.
    I need a tutorial on how to use them.

  3. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    Their products have received a lot of criticism lately due to the poor content, but I find they still convert fairly well.

  4. YC MyAvatars 0.2

    Chris, what’s this Slidr method?