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Explode Your Twitter Following Overnight

May 6th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Twitter Follower

Last week John Chow launched a new website to help people find new followers on Twitter. As Internet marketers, the more of a following you have, the more income you can make either directly or indirectly.

The basic idea of is it includes a database of people who will follow you back if you follow them. Signing up takes a few seconds and then you’re ready to go.

After entering your Twitter user name and password (don’t worry, John doesn’t see that information), you add yourself into the site’s database and become instantly visible to the hundreds of others who have also joined.

Going through the list of contacts brings up a little ‘follow’ button near each name which you click to immediately follow that specific person. Because your name is also in the list of contacts, you receive new followers as well.

Twitter is a friendly community to begin with and helps to reinforce that. There’s no cost, it’s completely free… and it’s a great way to boost your following.

I signed up last week and within the first hour I was followed by about 80 new people. I woke up the next morning and had about 350 new followers.

Of course, the site works best if you take part and follow people back who follow you.

While some may not agree in such a tactic and choose to not use the site, it definitely helps if you’re into expanding your following and customer base.

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