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Sunday Chatter – 4/26

April 26th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

An Affiliate Network Run by Affiliates?

I know, the idea sounds a bit crazy, but there’s a new affiliate network run completely by affiliates. Run By Affiliates (cleverly titled) is a CPA-based network that offers full disclosure.

The mission statement of Run By Affiliates is to provide affiliates (and advertisers) with a completely transparent platform offering full disclosure on affiliate spending, revenue, management, and performance, so affiliates can be certain that the day to day activities of the network remain in the interest of the affiliates as a whole.

The network even allows its affiliates to not only earn money with them, but to actually work for them. Multiple job postings are present on the website offering pretty competitive compensation.

Could Your Blogger Blog Be Deleted Without Notice?

There’s been a lot of talk lately around the Internet about blogs hosted on Blogger being deleted without notice. While it is a concern for some bloggers, the majority of users shouldn’t be worried if they don’t violate the terms of service or content policy — even then, bloggers would receive a warning first. However, for those that are paranoid, maybe you should consider switching over to WordPress and hosting your content on your own server to feel more in control. explores this issue more in detail.

HeadSpace SEO Plugin for WordPress

Most bloggers are comfortable using All in One SEO as their preferred search engine optimization plugin of choice. Those looking to try something a bit different may be happy to know that HeadSpace 3.6.20 is now available for download. It’s in direct competition with All in One SEO and from what I’ve heard so far, you can import your settings from All in One over to HeadSpace. Give it a try.

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