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Sunday Chatter – 4/19

April 19th, 2009 posted by · 1 Comment

5 Reasons Your Google Rankings Can Drop

If you’re one of those webmasters who obsesses over your Google rankings, you may want to have a look at these 5 reasons on why it could drop. Everything from internal link structure and fresh content going stale, to dealing with duplicate content… they all can lead to getting the Google slap. Learn to avoid it by reading this post from

Need Some Free Logos?

We all know you can pay some designer a few hundred bucks to design you a logo, but in these tough economic times, nothing beats free. is a site offering free customizable logos fitting a Web 2.0 genre. You simply download a design, which include all Photoshop files, and then edit them to your liking. The site also makes it easy for you to see what’s most popular, and arranges graphics by category.

The Pirate Bay Founders Are Going to Jail

A verdict was handed down in a Sweden court this week that found the four founders of popular file sharing website The Pirate Bay guilty. The foursome will obviously try to appeal the decision, which also forces them to each pay $3.6 million in fines to various movie studios. Read more about the decision on

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1 Comment so far
  1. Melody MyAvatars 0.2

    Usually those free logo sites have logos that are reproduced–and nothing is truly custom..but if anyone wants a free logo they can join my monthly contests…or just buy one for 35 bucks..

    lol..had to plug…anyhoo..

    hmm..i haven’t heard about the pirate bay controversy yet..will definitely check that story out..