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Sunday Chatter – 4/12

April 12th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Could All in One SEO Be Bad For PageRank?

Could the most popular WordPress plugin be destroying your blog’s PageRank? It’s been speculated that the All in One SEO plugin could affect the way Google ranks your pages — and not in a good way. Nothing has been proven yet, but some suggest the All in One SEO had a canonical element that was auto checked on upgrade, so it confused the engines with its canonical tag. I’ve noticed a drop in my PageRank on three of my blogs that all use the plugin. Hmm. Read more at

Behind the Scenes at NetFlix

Ever wonder what it’s like working for the company that’s putting Blockbuster Video out of business? Zac Johnson posted a few photos from behind the scenes at NetFlix, the online DVD rental service that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years. The slideshow is from the Northborough, Mass NetFlix warehouse, where roughly 50 employees repackage more than 60,000 discs every day!

Plagiarizing in Internet Marketing? Shocker!

Everyone knows about plagiarizing and how common it is, especially in the Internet marketing field. Tyler Cruz recently posted about his experience with Clickbooth, who he says allegedly stole the concept behind some of his graphics. They also apparently ripped off his terms of service text word for word. Some think imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but some get very territorial about their creative work, especially on the Internet. Clickbooth has yet to respond to Tyler’s claims, and most feel there is little that can be done to curb this problem in the future.

Analyzing The Psychology of Twitter

If you’re one of those scholar-type people who love to analyze everything humanly possible, here’s another one for you. A detailed chart of the hierarchy of Twitter has been put together explaining what people tweet about most. According to the article, most Twitter users post about what they’re eating or drinking. If you have some time, read the entire analysis.

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