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Sunday Chatter – 4/5

April 5th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Free SEO Link Checker Tool

Mostly everyone knows about the importance of receiving backlinks from reputable sites to boost their PageRank, but you can get an idea of how much juice your site is actually getting. SEO Pro has a free tool to check which sites are linking to you and what their PageRank is. While the Google alghoritm is still unknown for determing this type of data, it’s still interesting from a webmaster’s standpoint to know where your site is getting PR from.

Clean Up Your Twitter List

As with most lists on social networking sites, they can often become cluttered. How many people on your Facebook list do you actually know and talk to? I bet it’s not too many. Same goes with Twitter. I recently cleared up the amount of people I was following because they either didn’t tweet enough, or just tweeted too much for my liking. To sort all of this out I used, which allows you to sort your contacts on your list by the last time they updated their Twitter status. I set it for 30 days and unfollowed anybody who hadn’t updated within that time period. I shaved my list by about 60 people. This is especially useful if you hit the 2,000 follow limit and can’t find follow anybody else. Follow @chrisjacobson on Twitter.

Color Fields Color Pickr

If you’re looking for a precise shade of color, you can sort through thousands of Flickr images with different patterns in your chosen color. Using this free tool has come in handy for me recently when I was looking for a background image to create for a poster on another site. Simply move the slider up and down to dim or brighten the hue of the color and voila!

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