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PPC Marketing Update – AdWords vs. adCenter

March 30th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Last week I made a post about testing out a Microsoft adCenter campaign over Google AdWords. To sum things up, I gave adCenter a try after many failed attempts at launching a successful AdWords campaign.

The first 24 hours were interesting, bringing me a few hundred impressions and 0 clicks. A few hours later things really started to take off. I garnished around 50,000 impressions and 434 clicks. Not bad.

I also adjusted my ad copy throughout the duration of the 4 day campaign to see how it would affect my results. Not surprisingly, making a few simple adjustments like replacing a period with an exclamation mark raised my CTR a bit. adCenter’s customer support line also gave me a call last week to followup with me from last week. I couldn’t imagine ever getting a call from Google, so I felt kind of special.

I was also advised not to share my CTR, or cost by the ad rep, so I apologize for not providing much detail here about my results. The fact is though, the tips I was provided last week worked wonders and I ended up making a profit of about 150% on my investment.

I’m also getting more used to the interface of adCenter at this point. At first it was a bit annoying to work with it, but it’s simplified for a reason I’ve noticed. AdWords gives you too many options in a sense and that can sometimes backfire on an affiliate marketer who gets caught up with too many variables and factors to consider when creating a campaign. It also may lead your campaign to becoming a complete dud if you forget to do something to X and not to Y.

I can see myself have a long  business relationship with adCenter from this point on. A reader e-mailed me this week and asked my opinion on Yahoo! Search Marketing as well. I’m not too fond about YSM, mainly because they make you pay in advance and automatically bill you at random times that you may have not agreed to. I’ve heard too many horror stories about them. Maybe one day I’ll sit down when I have a lot of patience and see if they really are as bad as I hear, but for now, my concentration is on adCenter.

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