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Efficient PPC – Taking Your PPC Campaigns to the Highest Level

January 28th, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Always wanting to increase my PPC profits, I took a look at a service called Efficient PPC. We all know how tedious it can be to craft a new PPC campaign from scratch for Google AdWords. Between the keyword research, writing the ad and making sure it’s targeted, it’s enough to make the average person give up. But Internet marketers aren’t average, and they’re willing to do it anyway. To make the process even easier though, is where Efficient PPC comes in.

What the program does is use a bunch of wildcards that you pre-set to make different variations of keywords and ad text. From there, it spits out lines of code you can import into Google AdWords Editor to post to your AdWords account.

Take a look below. The program comes with a set of “buy” words, which are words used to entice the visitor into buying the product. Followed by that is my main keyword for this example, “debt.” I can also create a set of more keywords to spit out more scenarios, but for this example I only entered one static word. After that is a list of capital U.S. cities to make the keyword text more targeted. Depending on what the customer is searching for, they would be directed to ads in their area (or so they think).

[Click to enlarge]

Efficient PPC

After the keywords are setup, it’s time to create the ad. The ad also uses wildcards similar to the keyword process. Because the ad characters are limited to 25-35 characters, sometimes the wildcards can be too long. In this case, you can input a safety word to use instead of the wildcard if it won’t fit.

Take a look at the example below. I used wildcards for the ad, so it will always be different depending on what the search key is. In the event the U.S. city name doesn’t fit, I’ve chosen to use “America” in its place.

[Click to enlarge]

Efficient PPC

Once you have your ads formatted, there’s a tool that automatically exports lines of code into a text document. From there you can import this data directly into Google AdWords Editor for publishing. Once you’ve posted the changes, your campaigns are live and ready to be clicked.

Efficient PPC benefits:
• Supports Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter.
• Five keywords-lists combination.
• Divides your keyword combinations into small, more relevant Ad Groups (down to one keyword per Ad Group).
• Enables creation of more than one campaign at a time.
• Creates a unique text ad for each keyword combination.
• Breakups Huge Campaigns into Smaller Ones.
• More than 8 Built-in general keyword lists like city names, colors, sales words, etc. to combine with your basic keywords to create plenty of long-tail relevant keywords.
• Enables saving campaigns and keywords-lists for later use.
• Enables duplicating campaigns and text ads for quicker work.
• Detects problems with the campaigns before the campaigns are launched.

While there’s a lot of eBooks, software and other fluff out there to help with PPC, this is probably the best solution I’ve seen. Give Efficient PPC a try. It’s definitely worth the price.

Efficient PPC

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