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What Valentine’s Day Means For an Internet Marketer

January 23rd, 2009 posted by · No Comments

Valentine's DayJanuary is almost over, which means once we hit February, you’ll be bombarded with all-things Valentine’s Day. I’ve already seen some local stores in my area starting to put up decorations on their windows in the shape of hearts and cupids.

As people, depending on your gender and if you’re single or not, we either look forward to Valentine’s Day, or hate it. As Internet marketers, we absolutely love the one day event!

A few affiliate networks have already come out with some Valentine’s offers, such as greeting cards, candy gift baskets, spa packages etc. But the most popular offer to promote during this time of year is something that’s on most networks all year round — dating offers. Guys and gals everywhere are looking for that special someone to settle down with, and Valentine’s Day is sometimes the only day a year they’re reminded how much their life sucks being single.

You can capitalize on that by running dating offers everyday leading up to Valentine’s Day. So, fire up Keyword Elite or whatever keyword tool you use, pick out some offers, create some landing pages and get your campaigns going!

Isn’t the dating niche saturated?

Yes. The dating niche is very competitive and bids on keywords are very pricey. A couple ways to avoid this is to market international offers, such as dating in Canada, the U.K. or Australia for example. Targeting these countries will drop your bids considerably and the markets aren’t too saturated (yet) with the dating niche.

Decide what your approach will be and how much you want to make. If you’re after a CPA offer, you may find some that pay between $1.50-$8.00 just for a free sign up to a dating site, but others pay much more. Try to promote offers that pay based on a free trial sign up, whereas the customer is billed after 30 days for their membership to the dating network. Some of these can pay you over $50 for a free user registration and recurring billing setup. Cha-ching! I’ve never looked forward to Valentine’s Day more than right now!

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