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Twittad’s Newest Features

December 24th, 2008 posted by · No Comments


In September I wrote about how to make money with Twitter using Now the guys over there have added three new features to help you maximize the revenue of your tweets (if you choose to monetize them).

Here’s what Twittad had to say…

1) Background Image Placement through the Twitter API. We have continued our development by using the new Twitter API to “push” the background image after a Twittad user accepts the background ad placement. This eliminates the extra step of having the Twittad user place the image on their Twitter account, once you accept the ad we will place it automatically for you.

2) Introduction of Price per Follower (PPF). Because advertising on Twitter is such a new concept, we think it is important for Twitter users to get a feel for how valuable they could be for an advertiser. For this reason we introduce today a PPF (Price per Follower). For Twittad users this means that we will calculate your potential worth from, depending on your profile tenure, we then calculate a PPF (for example .008 cents per follower), that will be shown to the potential advertisers.

3) Final Tweet. We realize that there are a lot of discussions on Twitter about the perfect fit for advertisers and Twitter users when it comes to promotion of brands/products on Twitter. We have witnessed a few advertisers who have had great success with our 1-Tweet Promo. Today we introduce a Final Tweet, that will be sent out at the end of the tenure.

I think those are some pretty useful features right there, but personally I don’t use the service. I tested it out for a little bit, but got a few complaints from followers about “selling out”. However, I do see quite a few Twitter users using Twittad and they have had major success with it.

It also depends largely on the market you’re in. If you attract the type of following who don’t mind seeing advertisements on your Twitter background, then you should definitely check them out.

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