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Website Strategies to Start Your Business

December 22nd, 2008 posted by · 4 Comments

The following is a guest post by Nathan Hangen.

Where You Can Go Wrong

When I first started learning how to build websites to make money online, I got caught up by trying to read every blog about the topic, as well as every free course or E-Book I could find. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good idea to study this business before you invest too much money into it, but it is also easy to spend too much time reading and too little time working.

Also, you must consider that fact that not every internet marketing “expert” is actually making money online. Many of these marketers are trying to sell you on a system that they haven’t been able to use to make money, so what good does it do you to spend hours reading every one of their posts or courses if what you will learn only muddles the pool of good information?

An Easy Way to Find What Works

After spending months wading through both good and bad information, it suddenly dawned on me that there was an easy way to find out what worked that was so obvious I couldn’t believe I’d overlooked it. Rather than spend hours per day sorting through information to determine its relevance or worthiness, why didn’t I simply find websites that make money and duplicate them the best that I could? Sure, traffic generation is an important part of the duplication process, but that is the easy part. The hard part is actually finding a method that works once I drive the traffic to my site.

So now you are probably asking, where can I find these sites? Well, I will get to that in just a minute, but first let me be clear about something first. Don’t be the type of person that is too lazy to do the hard work. Once you start finding websites that make money, use them as an example, but don’t start stealing content. Doing the hard work of keyword research and niche development will teach you how to develop your own system. Use these sites as a guidepost, but not an easy way out. Hopefully, once you’ve done enough work and through trial and error have found a system that works, you won’t need to borrow other people’s ideas. You can start selling yours instead.

Where to Find Sites

So now let me tell you about my favorite place to find sites and systems that make money, Digital Point. Digital Point (DP) is a forum where people go for a variety of Internet Marketing interests, but within the forums are a marketplace where people can buy and sell sites and content. It was within this section that I found my first goldmine.

One day, I was browsing for a new website to purchase and found one for a fairly low price ($20) and purchased it. On the outside, the site looked fairly detailed and complex, but once I received the files and looked at the design, I realized that this “complex” website was nothing more than a few plugins and some simple code. This was when I realized I was sitting on a goldmine I didn’t even know about. This person was literally building these sites in 10-20 minutes in bulk, and selling them for $20+ every day.

Buying and selling websites isn’t the only way to make money either. Typically every site for sale on DP will list traffic and revenue statistics. Proof to backup these stats is usually available upon request. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the URL is listed too? Think about it, by browsing through the threads on the forum, you have access to hundreds of sites and a list of how much they make and by what source. Click on the links to visit the sites and bam, you’ve got a template for how to make money. It doesn’t get any simpler than that and if you are struggling to learn good money making techniques, then this is a perfect jumpstart for you. Duplicate a site idea (in a different niche with different content) and start driving traffic to see how it works. Once you’ve figured it out, simply duplicate your effort and pretty soon you will have a portfolio of money making sites at your disposal. Just don’t forget to share your success with others! In order to help your business check out this article about seafarer earning deduction that will be of great help for your inversions.

Nathan Hangen is an internet marketer, author, and competitive triathlete. He is currently deployed to Afghanistan and spends his free time developing his personal brand and social network. You can learn more about him and read similar content at his website, The Webrepreneur Blog.

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4 Comments so far
  1. Laura-Whateverebay MyAvatars 0.2

    I agree with you. I have done the same and actually, when I started blogging, I read everything I could find on the net and magazine articles. Duplicating a site, or following their outline is possibly the best way to learn and implement all that you have researched. happy Holidays 😉

  2. Nathan Hangen MyAvatars 0.2

    Hey Chris, thanks for allowing me to guest post. You’ve got a great thing going here, keep up the good work!

    @Laura, absolutely. Too many people start spinning their wheels trying to create their own systems before they learn to master systems that already work. It really is easy if you follow the blueprints available all over the web.

  3. Missy (from G34 Media) MyAvatars 0.2

    Another excellent source for ideas on how to drive revenue and or traffic to a blog (even a new one) can be obtained by carefully studying the sale threads at Sitepoint.

    This is another marketplace for buying and selling sites, and as Chris mentioned above, the details are all very carefully outlined for you from sellers.

    Good tips Nathan.

  4. Nathan Hangen MyAvatars 0.2


    Absolutely, Sitepoint is also an excellent resource; probably a bit more professional as well.