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How Much Time Do You Waste on Twitter?

December 17th, 2008 posted by · 2 Comments

Twitter can be an amazing tool for networking, promotion and traffic. It can also be a huge distraction in preventing you from doing your work. Twitter addiction is on the rise, and while researchers continually work to find a cure (no, not really), more and more people are joining Twitter on a daily basis.

This raises the question — how much time do you waste on Twitter? A few minutes per day, hours per day? Thankfully you don’t have to figure that one out for yourself. There’s a new WordPress plugin called Twitterwasters, which tells how much time you’ve spent (or wasted) on Twitter since you joined. The plugin was developed by Rae Hoffman, an Internet marketing consultant.

The Tweetwasters plugin will show off your Twitter usage in terms of time and link to both your profile and your Twitter account. The plugin was a designed as a widget making it easy for any WordPress user to install.

Thanks to the data of Tweetwasters and the plugin capability, you can display how much time you waste on Twitter in the sidebar of your blog in a neat little widget.

While I haven’t installed the plugin myself yet, here’s how much time I apparently waste.


The plugin will display the same information shown above, but in a narrower format in your sidebar.

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2 Comments so far
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  2. Sakib MyAvatars 0.2

    I checked this website but did you see @techmeme status on Tweetwasters. It’s automated and no one wasting time for twittering. So Tweetwasters failed 😉

    Thanks to share.