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Sunday Chatter – 9/23

September 23rd, 2007 posted by · 1 Comment

Tim Hortons moneyNo, this isn’t in relation to my post on Friday about tips.  This is what I handed to an employee at a Tim Hortons drive thru window this morning.  Hey, I make money online, PayPal is my bank… I don’t carry much moola on me.  

I wish I would have caught the expression on the employee’s face when I handed this to him.  He said, “How much is there?”, which I gladly replied, “Enough for my order and then some…”.  It’s exactly $2.11 CAD, enough for my small hot chocolate (yes, I drink hot chocolate) and a doughnut.  I gave him a $0.05 tip because I’m nice like that.  I’m not a complete jerk though, I gave him everything I had (I found this under my car seat by the way).  I need to stop wearing those pants with the shallow pockets – see what happens!

Looking for money making ideas?  Give me a break – it’s Sunday!  Go spend time with your family.  🙂
Or if you really want, you can Drink Your Way to Financial Success.

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Coming up tomorrow – WordPress 2.3 comes out!

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  1. acosmin MyAvatars 0.2

    “Give me a break – it’s Sunday” today I made some barbecue with my family and it was fun, I think that this day all bloggers should be free and this part “I gave him a $0.05 tip because I’m nice like that” LoL 👿