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Working During Christmas Holidays

December 8th, 2008 posted by · 2 Comments

With Christmas creeping up on us closer and closer, it can be a very busy time of year. Between the shopping, decorating, getting together with family and friends etc., it can really cut into your working time, especially if you work online.

I spoke to a few Internet marketers on the weekend who told me they try to get as much work done as possible before the 16th and then chill until New Year’s. But why the 16th? Well, apparently that’s the day when most students and employees have their last day at the grind, according to a recent NBC News survey. Makes sense to me.

Personally for me, I like the idea of pushing my limits until the 16th and then relaxing a bit. I don’t usually start my Christmas shopping until the 20th, so this should be perfect. But what about if you NEED to work non stop everyday just to make a living online? If that’s the case, then you should a) consider getting an offline job, or b) be making more to begin with, so you don’t need to work so hard.

If you’re looking to leverage the most money possible during the month of December, don’t forget about marketing holiday CPA offers as mentioned before. These are super profitable during this time of year and your payouts will come in January, just in time to pay off that Christmas debt.

A couple years ago I worked right through the holidays, including Christmas day. I remember setting up some Google AdWords campaigns on Christmas Eve and then tracking them all night. I even missed going to church for doing that. Oops. This year, however, I’m more organized and don’t need to work so hard, also PPC Bully helps a lot, too.

So my advice to you: get as much work done between now and Christmas (or the 16th) as possible, so you can spend time with your loved ones without running to the computer every 30 minutes to check stats, or see how much money you’ve lost/earned. You can afford to do that, right?

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2 Comments so far
  1. Superman Joe ( MyAvatars 0.2

    Wow. I must say i have been working hard to promote holiday CPAs and managed to make only $200 so far. 😳

    P.S. Is that pic your living room? That’s so merry!

  2. Chris Jacobson MyAvatars 0.2

    I wish that was my living room!

    How did you make the $200? AdWords?