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Sunday Chatter – 10/12

October 12th, 2008 posted by · No Comments

PayPal to Refund Shoppers Defrauded on eBay

It’s about time! PayPal announced this week that they will begin refunding those shoppers who are defrauded out of their item on eBay. Buyers who spend more than $250 will now have buyer protection, and not just for a percentage of their purchase like before. The decision to remove the present limits comes after years of pressure from PayPal users, who make up more than half of all eBay members. They felt that the previous limits were unfair and made eBay shopping less safe than buying on the high street.

5 Best Media Converters

How many times have you struggled with this one? You download a file and need to upload it to your iPod or to another website, but it’s not in the correct file format. I come across this problem almost on a weekly basis. has compiled a list of the 5 best media converters.

Doing International Business and Need to Speak a Different Language?

Last weekend I was using Google Talk to chat with a colleague in Italy who doesn’t speak English very well. One thing I noticed when using the Google IM client was that his English was almost perfect — more so than in his e-mails. I asked if he was translating what he was typing before posting it, but he said he’s simply using the Google translation bot. All you do is invite the bot into your conversation and what you type gets translated automatically to the other party. Very neat!

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